Israel executes an elderly Palestinian in the field after using him to promote their humanity

صوت الحق -
The occupation forces executed an elderly Palestinian man by firing squad in the Gaza Strip, after he used him in propaganda to promote his false humanity.

The elderly person, Bashir Hajji (79 years old), appeared in two different images. In the first image, he appeared during the occupation’s attempt to promote its false "humanity”, and that it was helping and protecting this elderly person. The truth is what is confirmed by the second image, where the elderly person was executed by firing squad.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights, which condemned the occupation’s actions and crimes, stated that it removed the filming of the elderly man while crossing the main "Salah al-Din” road, and exploited it in propaganda for the "safe passage” for displacement to the southern Gaza Valley. He was executed.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor condemned in the strongest terms the occupation army’s use of an elderly Palestinian - who was subjected to a field execution - in its propaganda about the "safe corridor” for displacement to the southern Gaza Valley, in order to cover up its commission of horrific crimes and atrocities against the displaced.

The Euro-Med Monitor added that the occupation army published a picture showing one of its soldiers talking to an elderly resident of the Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, while he was crossing the main "Salah al-Din” road, claiming to help Palestinian civilians and provide them with protection during their displacement.

The Observatory confirmed that it documented the elderly "Haji” being subjected to a field execution on Friday morning, November 10, which reveals the process of blatantly falsifying facts practiced by the occupation army.